3rd International Conference on Oil & Gas Engineering and Geological Sciences (OGEGS 2023) will be held in Dalian City, China on June 23-25, 2023. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include:


Experts in the area of Oil & Gas Engineering and Geological Sciences are welcome to join us as reviewer. If you are interested in reviewing the papers, please send your latest CV to

Oil & Gas Engineering

Alkanes & Alkylation

Aromatics & Aromatic Hydrocarbons & Cycloalkanes

Asphalt, Tar, Paraffin Wax

Biodiesels & Biofuels

Catalytic Cracking & Catalytic Reforming

Chemical Products

Coal and Gas Conversion

Distillation, Extraction

Distribution of Crude Oil to Refiners

Drilling, Exploration

Environmental Issues

Fertilizers & Pesticides

Fuel Oils, Methanol, Diesel Oil, Kerosene

Gasification & Vacuum Distillation

Heating Oil, Tight Oil, Heavy Crude Oil, Recombined Oil

Oil & Gas Engineering

Hydrocarbon Reservoir

Hydrocarbons & Hydrocracking

Hydrodesulphurization & Isomerization

Leak Detection & Leaks in Pipelines

Liquefied Natural Gas

Lubricants & Lubricating

Nano Pores

Natural Gas & Synthetic Natural Gas

Oil Recovery Techniques

Oil Tanker Design, Operation, Safety

Petrochemical Industry & Petroleum Industry

Pharmaceuticals & Petroleum Jelly

Pipeline Corrosion Control & Thermal Cracking

Refining Methods & Reservoir Engineering

Seismic Technologies & Shale Gas and Shale Oil

Geological Sciences

Environmental Geology & Geochemistry

Groundwater and Hydrogeology

Marine Geosciences and Oceanography

Natural hazards & disaster management

Carbon farming &carbon cycle

Remote Sensing & GIS

Volcanology and Tectonic Plates

Fossils & Soil Science

Surface & Borehole Geophysics

Petrology & Seismology

Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Geochemistry

Geomechanics, Geotechnics & Geohazards

Petroleum Geology & Engineering Geology

Sedimentology & Mineral Exploration

Other Related Topics


 Dr. Zhibin You

 Prof. Jianjun Xu

 Dr. Shuang Zou

Submission & Consulting

 Secretary Wang (Click)


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Reviewer's Guideline 

Peer-review represents an important step in the publication process. Acting as a filter for all manuscripts received, it manages to ensure the proceedings’ scholarly quality. Therefore, we are very grateful for all Reviewers help in evaluating the manuscripts and providing expert opinions.


The best possible review should be developed taking into consideration the following:

1. The paper submitted for review matches the reviewer’s expertise;

2. Sufficient time allocation for the review process in order to meet the deadline stated in the invitation to review;

3. Existing conflicts of interests of any kind and scale may influence the reviewing process, so the Reviewer should announce the organizers if such situation arises;

4. Not only the suggestions and comments should be confidential, but the manuscript itself should be kept as a privileged communication;

5. The Reviewer is not allowed to send the comments made upon a paper directly to the author(s) of that paper.


The Reviewer’s comments should address the following:

1. The topic of the manuscript is relevant for the Conference theme and topics.

2. The paper has a potential to contribute to the knowledge of Oil & Gas Engineering and Geological Sciences Field.

3. The contribution in terms of novelty and originality should be addressed and highlighted. In the same time, the significance of the paper’s main claims should be emphasized; in this way the Reviewer can decide if the paper is outstanding for the field and for the readers;

4. Seminal works in the related literature are mentioned by this manuscript.

5. Reviewers should carefully follow the authors’ trial to include in their works relevant previous research. It is important that each work explain the context of the research and provide evidence of other related works with different findings.

6. The manuscript is of scholarly quality.

7. In determining the suitability for publication, this criterion is one of the most important as it reveals the scientific soundness of each work.

8. Written expression of the manuscript is fluent and appropriate.

9. The writing style of each article must be easy to follow and understandable not only for specialists but also for non-specialists; in the same time, it should be concise, without grammatical or spelling errors.

The peer-review form can be downloaded from here (Click).

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